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Venus Lux from Shemale Idol fucking a girl bareback is what you guys have been begging for and I have finally been able to give you what you want. Venus is such a sweetheart and as you’ll soon see she has a taste for pussy and cock.

Look at the way Venus takes total control over her, she gives her a taste of that fresh cock and makes her beg for it before driving it deep inside her. You can see that her ass is loving it and if she gives her enough motivation I’m sure that Venus will give her willing pussy just as much as she can take.

Shemales certainly do have the best of both worlds and with sites like keeping such a big collection of it we all know where to go to get it. I’m sure you won’t mind giving it all to Venus, you might even make her beg for it but at the end of the day you also know that you will always be at her beck and call no matter what!

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