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Waiting rooms and lobbies have never been places that I would consider exciting. They are boring, uncomfortable, and often the prelude to something unpleasant. When I went to my recent dental appointment, I wasn’t expecting it to be any different. The television was showing General Hospital and a couple of women were watching it when I caught their conversation, and it made me look at the screen.  The show has an actual transgender beauty on it now!

Tall and leggy, with long dark brown hair, the character of Dr. Terry Randolph was being played by trans actress, Cassandra James. I noticed right away that she had some Asian. Looking her up when I got home, I saw her mother is Chinese. What I didn’t find were any nudes. That was disappointing. Porn has spoiled me.

I’m not going to lie, seeing a sexy trans woman unexpectedly had me feeling much better about my appointment. It was a secret excitement. I realize I likely oversexualize and fetishize them, but it is what it is.

As soon as I got home, I Googled her. After failing to turn up anything steamy, I snagged this 24% discount on 3-months to Transex Japan to satisfy my need for smut.

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Well, i guess you wouldn’t believe if i told you that this nude asian cutie once had nice dick between her legs. But she did. Though its been years and sweet Wawa has gone under the knife and now is really happy to have her juicy pussy. She loves to masturbate it so much when she is taking a bath. It feel so good to spread her soapy legs and to insert her playful fingers inside.
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